The Art of Giving

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Stuff the needy masses! Don't give those peasants your hard-earned money!

Please don't throw stuff yet - there's a point to this...stay with me.

That's exactly what your seemingly fair but ferociously-calculated brain is telling you every time you see an ad for Water Aid or charities helping thousands of poor, hungry children. Horrid eh?

Neuroscience (which you'll know, if you follow us on Instagram, is a recent unhealthy interest of Kara's!) has found that as humans, we are far more generous to, and interested in, individuals. A story of one poor person going through the mill pulls on the heart strings more than the media reporting hundreds/thousands of deaths elsewhere in the world. Remember the global search for Madeline McCann? 

Whilst this might sound a sorry fact though, if you're interested in marketing your charity or not for profit successfully, you can use this brain quirk to your advantage.

Your target audience is much more likely to donate, read, share, retain information, act or watch when you feature the story of an individual, rather than a large group. That's because as individuals, we can relate better & connect on a more personal level.

Think about writing a short case study about someone your organisation has helped and why this should matter to others. Consider producing a short social video using your smartphone with someone who has benefited from your organisation explaining how to access your service. Great shareable content!

If you're interested in finding out more about human nature and how the brain works in order to up your marketing game, I can definitely recommend Dean Burnett's 'The Idiot Brain' - available in paperback from Amazon and all good bookstores. 

Oh and yes; the quote in today's photo is from Bruce Lee. Legend!