Sticky toffee pudding and other bad things

Sustainability & Transformation Plans - Courtyard Marketing

As  healthcare professionals & organisations, how can we help patients & clients use our services the right way? How can we educate them or change behaviours? We start from within & stop talking claptrap!

The health service is awash with acronyms & gobbledygook. Most of us knew this already but there was a news item on BBC News this morning too.

These ‘fluff’ words don’t sound big & clever but the NHS uses them internally & then uses the same language with patients and the public, expecting them to understand. ‘Sticky toffee puddings’ is actually an ‘easier’ term being used internally in the NHS to describe Sustainability & Transformation Plans – yeah, what the chuff are those?!

As an expert communicator, I’m having this daily battle with senior health folks. Let’s start being clear. Start using language we’d use with our mums. Talk to patients as people – not cyborgs!

Think on as you go through today even if you don’t work in healthcare. See how you can make your words & language simpler. The world will be a much easier place if you do.