Marketing & Social Media Training

Marketing & Social Media Training in Plain English

Courtyard Marketing provides bespoke training in marketing and social media that’s simple, easy-to-understand and more importantly, easy to implement. 

For healthcare and charity organisations, It’s the perfect answer for those that can’t afford marketing expertise on a permanent basis but need a clear, simple roadmap to success. Not just the what but the how and why also.

Anyone can do social media these days too. Few people can do social media marketing though and do it well.

Patients, clients and people that use your service are likely to use social media on a daily basis. Many consultants, clinics and charities say they struggle with social media and aren’t sure how to use it. Some are yet to see the value. Others are worried about the legal implications of complaints made publicly by ‘keyboard warriors’.

Marketing within a healthcare or charity business should never fall to one person or department. Everyone can and should play a part. Get in touch so we can show you how.

With the right policies, training and support in place, everyone in the business can make more of a difference than you could even imagine. And it doesn’t just involve Facebook as some will lead you to believe!


Cost-effective marketing & social media training

Let us show you how easy it is to transform your workplace into one with a true marketing culture; one where everyone understands and values the importance of marketing and social media for the long-term success of the business.

We provide bespoke marketing & social media training from here in Sheffield to anywhere in the UK.

Here are just some of the training sessions and workshops we’ve delivered so far:

  • Team, Trustees & Board Marketing Development
  • Facebook Marketing & Engagement
  • Twitter Marketing & Engagement
  • LinkedIn Marketing & Engagement
  • Instagram Marketing & Engagement
  • Pinterest Marketing & Engagement
  • Developing & Curating Content
  • Delighting Your Clients in Healthcare
  • Delighting Your Commissioners in NFPs
  • Marketing Campaign Planning
  • Writing Case Studies & Blogs
  • Creating Videos


Why choose Courtyard Marketing

We’re unique because we tailor every workshop to suit your healthcare or charity business. We can also provide one-to-one marketing and social media coaching by phone or face-to-face to develop staff with marketing or social media responsibilities.

With prices starting from just £350 for a two-hour, action-packed workshop, find out why our popular marketing workshops and sessions can save your organisation time and budget from the moment we leave the room!

Check our availability or get in touch for further details.