Marketing & Social Media Training

Marketing & Social Media Training in Plain English

Your talented staff are capable of looking after your marketing. More than capable, actually. With the right training and commitment, they could easily become the marketing superstar you've been searching for.

Marketing training – Insightful, interactive training

From marketing no no, to communications know-it-all-in in a day | Available 1-2-1 or in small groups

Effective marketing communications demands time, plenty of it - your in-house resources are limited, your budgetary constraints are squeezing the life out of any sort of message impact. You need your most invaluable assets – likely to be a staff member or two, to step up to the platter with marketing expertise that adapts to your latest communication challenge. And that’s only possible with the right training – tightly focused on the challenges, opportunities and changes your organisation faces.

You know that they’re already more than capable of heading up your marketing (and they literally know your organisation from the outside, in) all they need is transformative masterclass training.

From our undivided attention on a one-to-one basis, to small, tightly knit collaborative classes (for up to 6 people), here’s just some of the things we've helped clients with in the past:


Marketing mentoring – from marketing newbie to digital butterfly

Eager junior personnel biting at the bit to get involved in effective marketing communications? Lucky you, these motivated employees don’t need asking twice. They simply need the right mentoring to equip them with the tools, the knowledge and the strategic know-how to master multiple marketing mediums, for a message driven home whatever it may be.

Our marketing mentoring dives into strategies, oversight and effective tactics – tailored to your organisation, your clients, your patients. 

As for the alternative?

Well that would be a committed, eager employee who quickly becomes demotivated by a lack of support and little chance to make the difference they’re so clearly capable of.

This is solid professional development, for faster results that last an entire career, with support that can run for between 3 to 6 months (and onwards, if you wish). We’ll be there – for the questions, uncertainties and queries that otherwise threaten to derail a marketing campaign. And we’ll deliver how and when you need us to – in person and on-site, from afar and always available by phone, by email, by FaceTime – you choose.

Social media training - Courtyard Marketing

Social media training – From Social Doctors

Need social training? Social Doctors, our sister marketing agency, creates social media training built around your patients, your clients, your objectives. Just as you can here, over there you can pick your prescription or mix your own medicine.

Tackle our training at yours, from the comfort of your office armchair, or at ours, in the nearest city centre (where free drinks and snacks fuel your learning, and solid support ensures that it’s all put into practice). Here are some of the options we've delivered before: