Healthcare Marketing

Welcome. We are champions of your work, confidantes for your challenges, marketers for your message across all patient touchpoints.

We understand you. Our understanding is built on years of experience working alongside GP practices, CCGs and NHS Trusts. We see the complete picture – one made up from traditional marketing such as print materials and posters, alongside digital marketing, like social media and email marketing. We know the difference it makes.

But let’s not be blasé here, healthcare organisations are wildly diverse (as are their marketing needs and the challenges they face). So let’s explore some of the most common pain points we overcome, and the outcomes we secure, for those in the business of transforming lives, and healing communities.

Healthcare marketing: here's how we help

For GP practices, super practices and GP federations we promote and provide patient choice – attracting new patients, improving community relations and developing your practice commercially.

For surgeries we offer the exact opposite of lazy, ineffective, outward looking advertising (like notice boards that blend into the background and lazy messages that flash across the waiting room screen).

For CCGs and NHS Trusts we introduce exciting marketing strategies and creative communication – the kind that outperforms the same old, same old tired bulletins and newsletters.

For physio practices and private healthcare clinics we put paid to the days of not knowing marketing ROI, relying on word of mouth alone or spending soul destroying hours on social media trying to cultivate the smallest of engagement (and failing).

For any healthcare organisation, of any description, needing the expertise of a marketing manager on a part-time or project basis, we step into shoes and up to the plate – with experienced helping hands that have already gotten to grips with how the NHS and health sector operates.

For those that want to spread new ideas faster than a common cold, we might just be the go-to guys and girls. We create a buzz around new clinics, new services and ways of doing things, Things like care navigation in GP practices, initiatives for self-care and videos that drive change.

You see? We know you, we understand your challenges.

Healthcare marketing: here's what we do

We provide:

  • Copywriting & Content
  • Freelance Marketing Manager – from one day per week, a month - whatever you need
  • Healthcare PR and article writing
  • Interim Marketing Communications Consultancy
  • Marketing Coaching for junior staff
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Online Marketing - SEO, PPC
  • Social Media Management & Training
  • Website & Graphic Design

Of course, you may need a superstar social marketing strategy, and nothing more. If so, you may want to head over to our sister website – Social Doctors, where the world awaits.