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Sticky toffee pudding and other bad things

As  healthcare professionals & organisations, how can we help patients & clients use our services the right way? How can we educate them or change behaviours? We start from within & stop talking claptrap! The health service is awash with acronyms & gobbledygook. Most of us knew this already but there was a news item on BBC Read More

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Which social media channels should my healthcare business be on?

Heard the expression two’s company, three’s a crowd? How do you run a busy healthcare practice or thriving socialenterprise & still find time to update your social media channels? That’s easy! You don’t. *shocker* You can’t possibly be a floating social media sprite and still find time to do your bookkeeping, see patients, check your own Facebook whilst scoffing lunch Read More

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The Many Faces of Marketing

There’s no such thing as B2B or B2C marketing anymore. Just H2H – human to human. No matter what sector, what size or what style of business you are. When working with my non-profit or social enterprise clients, I always talk about the H2H concept. None of us do business with brands. We do business Read More

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Neuromarketing and the idiot brain

Ever feel a bit like this? I went to a pretty life-changing (if I’m honest!) talk this week at Sheffield University Business School. My brain definitely feels like this most days! Neuro-marketer, Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis, who speaks to leaders around the world, was teaching us about ‘brain-friendly communications’ and how as a society we’ve been doing Read More