About Courtyard Marketing


Looking for a different type of marketing communications agency?

Reduced or lost budgets, fewer GP and specialists, secondary care pressures, increased competition and repeated failures to invest in local community resources; these all affect how healthcare and not for profit organisations continue to deliver products or services affordably and effectively.

Good marketing and communications has never been needed as much as it is now.

Did you know that 88 per cent of adults in the UK now use the internet? Recent internet use is also on the rise for those aged over 65. Potentially thousands of people from across all age groups using the internet to actively search for professionals and services like yours.

What will they find? Will they even find you in the noise of the internet? Can you help them? How do they know you’ve got their best interests at heart? Do you have time or the necessary skills within your team to promote and build your brand effectively? What about offline marketing too?

If you’re an over-stretched healthcare professional, a busy GP practice or a new social enterprise or charity group, it’s just another thing to fret about, add to the list and think about later, right?

A marketing communications agency that specialises in healthcare, charity and the voluntary sectors

Discovering what does and doesn’t work for your business isn’t a walk in the park. Sometimes you just need inspiration or someone to view your world with a fresh pair of eyes. That’s where Courtyard Marketing can help you quickly and affordably.

Our specialists can help you to:

  • Develop trust and credibility with the people that depend on you
  • Grow your networks professionally and listen out for best practice
  • Change behaviours and educate patients / clients / users about your service
  • Engage with those you serve to look for ways to make your services even better
  • Have clear and frank discussions around service change with your audience
  • Promote your service clearly and effectively to your audience
  • Save time, money and guesswork with your marketing activity
  • Have ‘lifeline’ strategic marketing input for change programmes or during important projects
  • Attract business leads, new patients/clients and funding opportunities
  • Get better at ‘showing off’ your work and telling your unique story
  • Showcase your life-changing case studies, research or stories to those that matter most to your business


Meet the team – Kara Dudley

Kara Dudley – Director, Healthcare & Charity Marketing Specialist

For over thirteen years now, Kara has helped organisations use the magic of words and pictures to communicate the really important stuff.

Working in health, care and community settings (for as long as she has!) means that she’s seen the ‘real people’ behind life changing work every day of the week.

Those wonderful consultants, GP practice teams, therapists and charitable groups that aren’t always great at ‘showing off’ what they do. To them, it’s just the day job. 

Needless to say as our director, she loves what she does. Kara is continually keeping up to date with the latest thinking and tactics within marketing and communications. She is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Hootsuite-certified social media marketer – one of only a handful in the UK today.


Meet the team – Coming soon

Courtyard Marketing is proud to work with a number of extremely gifted freelance associates and contractors that specialise in healthcare and charity marketing and communications. (They’re a bit shy though hence why we haven’t captured their mugshots yet!)

From SEO and media advertising to web design and copywriting, we build a team around every single project we take on so that you, the client get access to some very capable, creative minds but without the price tag that you’re likely to get from a larger marketing agency.