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Why choose Courtyard Marketing?

This is a rapidly evolving world, being spun on its axis faster by digital marketing. Time waits for no doctors surgery, no NHS Trust. The proper tools, the right techniques and emerging technologies are critical for being heard in an environment that’s getting louder. We embrace the chaos.

Marketing exclusively for healthcare, charities & not for profits

We work for everyone from the heroes saving lives on the front NHS line, to the doctors who heal communities. We are for the GP federations, the private clinics, practices and professionals, as well as charities & not-for-profits.

We know that you talk in your patients’ language, not in medical syllable-entrenched Latin. So we do, too. We do away with jargon-tastic, techno terminology. And explain what it all means for you.

We aren’t your fast-talking, flashy loft-dwelling types. Our working spaces don’t need a breakout area or ‘thought hut’. And our filing systems aren’t stuffed full of super shiny marketing materials that have cost an arm and a leg. You see, we’re down to earth like that – friendly folk from Yorkshire who are full of ideas, brimming with creativity and armed with strategic, laser-precise plans.

We work a lot for organisations based in South Yorkshire and Manchester (but that lack of designer loft space? Well, it means that this week we could be based at a hustling bustling hospital in Central London, and the next a hushed research centre in Huddersfield).

We barely ever blow our own trumpet – but it’s pretty important when it comes to the thing that defines us from the competitive pack. So here’s what makes us different – we apply behavioural insights to all that we do (data – it’s important when setting out a marketing strategy that exceeds targets, and surpasses objectives).

So, that’s us. Now, how about you?

You’re here because you need something. You might need to develop trust and credibility, grow your professional network or educate patients, clients or users about your service.

You could need to uncover funding opportunities or have a frank, no-holds barred conversation about transformative service changes. It may be that you need to decrease costs, bolster communication with your stakeholders and remove the guesswork from your marketing strategy.

Or perhaps you simply need to connect, better, with the world around you.

Look, a poster just isn’t going to cut it. Flat, outward looking. Today, marketing must make sense as a whole picture – a poster that’s part of an email campaign, combined with social interactivity, and an event, where it makes sense. A truly joined-up marketing strategy.

You see, marketing that makes its mark is about immersive campaigns in which your patients or your clients become involved. This is less about aesthetics and how good something looks, and much more about emotional, actionable appeal for optimal ROI.


Kara Dudley - Courtyard Marketing
Meet the team - coming soon

Meet the team - Kara Dudley

For over thirteen years now, Kara has helped organisations use the magic of words and pictures to communicate the really important stuff.

Working in health, care and community settings (for as long as she has!) means that she's seen the 'real people' behind life changing work every day of the week.

Those wonderful consultants, GP practice teams, therapists and charitable groups that aren't always great at 'showing off' what they do. To them, it's just the day job. 

Needless to say as our director, she loves what she does. Kara is continually keeping up to date with the latest thinking and tactics within marketing and communications. She is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Hootsuite-certified social media marketer - one of only a handful in the UK today.


Meet the team - coming soon

Courtyard Marketing is proud to work with a number of extremely gifted freelance associates and contractors that specialise in healthcare and charity marketing and communications. (They're a bit shy though hence why we haven't captured their mugshots...yet).

From SEO and media advertising to web design and copywriting, we build a team of practitioners around every single project we take on so that you, the client get access to some very capable, creative minds but without the price tag that you're likely to get from a larger, generic marketing agency.